New Blood of Fighting Peacocks

22 December 2007

Translated by Thway Ni (BBWOB)
[Original version in Burmese by NZ]

Is it a bloody storm
Accompanied by merciless army and smoke of gunpowder?
With perserverence,
Our peacock flag is flying high.
Our blood is forever rejuvenated
Even if we have to die on our feet.

For my wounds,
Do not shed your tears
For, only my body has vanished, not my blood.
Do not hesitate even upon exhaustion.
When you are weary,
When you are thirsty,
Quench with my blood.
Do not anguish over my death.
Strengthen yourself with my blood.
For our new generations,
Peacocks will stand defiant.
My friend,
Our people are weeping.
For their tears,
We, fighting peacocks, should dare to die.

(NZ composed the burmese version of this poem in memory of the last words of his friend who lost his life during a peaceful protest in Burma)


Mr.Pooh @ ေမာင္ပြတ္ said...

I read this poem with high respect for those who were killed and those who are stepping forward to our goal.

Anonymous said...


Thway Ni said...

Thanks for the comments.

-Thway Ni-

Anonymous said...

Thanks Thway Ni,

His life was exhausting and he had the strength to encourage us...

I wipe my tears and keep moving forward because he is leading the way.

I thanking for his gift.