Free Them Now, Sein Win Maung and Thet Zin

11 March 2008

Again, Burmese military regimes slap the faces of Rangoon based media and journalists. Like previous seizure, this time also, two journalists were taken away without clear reason and pertinent charges. They are U Sein Win Maung, office manager and U Thet Zin, editor who publishing weekly Myanmar Nations Journal until then.

Authorities raided Myanmar Nations' office on 15 February 2008 and took them out leaving office closed and threatened. It was just obvious that they didn't commit any crime but except working with true facts and information. The authorities said they found videotape of September Saffron Revolution and official report of UN' Human Right Council. It was said they might being charged with Printer and Registration Act. However neither of these two materials they found there are likely to be against this illogical Act.

Since September Monk- led Saffron Revolution, there were 4 detainees happened to be in notorious Insein Prison related to media and magazine. Saw Wai, poet, accused of his encoded poem was detained in Januray 2008, then followed by Nay Phone Latt, blogger and author having no accusation. Within just one month later, regimes step up to next targets and rough up its own citizens.

Nobody know how exactly they were detained and when they will face what type of alleged charges in where. What went wrong with these detained journalists and media men? Nothing !

Very obviously, authorities, they are the one who commit crime and abuse to people.

Please lift your hand to help hopeless detained journalists and political prisoners in Burma.

They are waiting for outside world from their prison cells.

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Nedslag said...

Omani padme Hum,

I have been writing about this post on my blog in swedish today..
My thoughts are with you and those journalists..

Take care and lots and lots of compassion

Tindra-Annette Broström

US said...

The reasons world community should BOYCOTT THE OLYMPICS 2008 IN CHINA AND CHINA PRODUCT

*Until now,China has no good human rights record.The human rights issues include the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, and the recent protests in Lhasa ( the capital of Tibet) when many civilians were killed and injured.
*China is a threat to world peace because China is selling arms to human rights abusers Like Burma and Sudan.
*China is responsible for the deteriorating situation in Burma today. China is fully supporting the Burmese military government.
*The world countries are warned of dangerous food and poor quality products like deadly toothpaste imported from China.

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