Encouragement from Poland

26 November 2007

Burma letter initiated by Lech Wal ๊sa
and published in Gazeta Wyborcza on September 27 2007

This is a rough translation:

We, the participants in the negotiations, which in 1989 enabled Poland to
move without bloodshed from dictatorship to democracy, express our
admiration and our solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of Burmese
people who through their brave demonstrations have shown that they want the
same for their own country. Just as Poland's democratic movement could count
in its struggle on the support of democrats around the world so You can now
count on us. We call on the military authorities in Burma to enter on the
path of negotiations, as did the Polish authorities in 1989. In Burma today,
as in Poland then, only a peaceful transition to democracy lies in the
interest of the whole of society. Those of us who were on the official side
in 1989, can assure you that today we consider it a good thing that we had
enough courage to hand power over democratically. Those of us who in 1989
were on the side of the opposition assure you that today that it is a good
thing that we had enough courage to set aside the temptation to take
revenge. Both one side and the other consider that the crimes committed in
the past should be justly punished but the future cannot be built on acts of
revenge. Should the Burmese society and authorities wish it, we are ready
to serve them with our experience and help.


Lech Wal ๊sa, former Polish president, leader of the Solidarity movement from
1980 to 1990

Bronislaw Geremek, MEP, former Polish foreign minister, one of the leaders
of Solidarity from 1980 to 1989

Aleksander Hall, Polish oppositionist from 1977 to 1989, participant in the
1989 negotiations

Wojciech Jaruzelski, retired general, Polish Communist leader from 1981 to
1989, imposed martial law in Poland in 1981

Czeslaw Kiszczak, retired general, Minister of the Interior from 1981 to

Aleksander Kwasniewski, former Polish president (two terms: 1995-2000 and
2000-2005) Communist party youth activist from 1978 to 1990

Tadeusz Mazowiecki, former Polish prime minister, one of the leaders of the
Solidarity movement, 1980 - 1989

Adama Michnik, editor of Gazeta Wyborcza, former oppositionist, served long
prison sentence in 1980s

Janusz Onyszkiewicz, MEP, former Defence Minister, Solidarity activist 1980
to 1989

Mieczyslaw Rakowski, the last head of the Polish Communist Party, deputy
premier during the imposition of martial law

Janusz Reykowski, profesor of social psychology, Communist party supporter
from 1980 to 1990

Marcin Swiecicki, former communist party member, participant In 1989

(Many thanks to a friend of mine who forwarded this statement to me.)



Unknown said...

White Star – From Russia with nuclear toys –
See the letter at Kyal Sin kyaw ( http://www.mizzimaburmese.com/ )

I’m still not finish yet. You soft word it very touchy and get to the bottom of my heart. Firstly your name likes to show you are very white. Burmese love the Stars.
So psychologically your name are staying on the upper hand. Mean to say you are getting on the lovely feather to both male and female. Everyone wants to talk to you so you are a star and due to your name most of the blogger coming to trust you and than trusting what you want to say. Like propaganda that soldiers is poor guy and soldiers also are like us. (Remember all Burmese are soldiers). I feel like it is first sign of psychological warfare on the blog to get leading the wrong way. Because BBG Than Shwe is came from psychological warfare school so he is crazy enough to think he can trick to the people on blogger because it is the free blogger and net news that bring down Than Shwe face mask.

Secondly you got the back up team that will point out the peoples that are using bad words. ???? So the people’s will lost on the blog with a fighting. Starting to give up slowly. Specially for the ladies, Burmese ladies are very touché and very strong like our sisters Mi Mi and Suu Suu Neway. So army is trying Burmese ladies keep out of the blog. Trying very hard but up to now army cannot keep out Burmese ladies and also cannot attack the blog openly because that is still out of army reach. Like freedom severs are better than Nasa so if army Bagan severs try some trick she might crash like Bagan air line. Army can only cut the line. So ladies and gentle men keep on the blog and support the free Burma movement. I believe coming to the blog is very strong support.

Thirdly how do you get time to learn so much about typing without wrong spelling?
Are you doing copy and paste the mail sending from Army head Quarter from Pyinmana? Sorry you are the best of the best guys army can get so very smart on that, even like E=MC2 formula that you are trying to find the solution. Tell me did you get how to make the nuclear bomb yet. It is open secret that all Burmese soldiers in Russia are studying to get nuclear technology. At least you already learn how to use nuclear waste on the bullets and an anti-tank shell so it can kills the peoples painlessly on the street and I’m grateful for your concern. When will the reactor send to Burma? How much is it? How much for the building? How much? How much? Half hungry peoples are asking for basic need and tragically you got to follow the order to shoot and food money is using for you to get nuclear technology.

Fourthly your are still saying that if army did not obey order Rangoon will get back to Rangoon government situation. Let me ask you one question are you intending to left the city without guard and also left open all the jails so the street are rule by the bandits like 1988. I think you can do better than this time. If that is rule by civilian government and peoples are half hungry and civilian government will also give shooting order and also you are going to carry out that too. I think you can do better than this too. It is like Myo Gyi sound – All heard. Same Story. Slowly Speak. Pye Pye Pyaw Maw Mal. You must be young so listen from “ko-htike.blogspot.com”

Five there is no outsider influence for Burmese to know that all news. It is your younger Burmese brothers who give their lives to get the news out. You only shoot when the gun and power in your hand with back up team but those very young Burmese are shooting broken camera without help. Gain nothing for them. But lost their life without known by us. How many? How much pains? So again don’t put propaganda like foreign outsider influence. So how is foreign outsider influence getting in your letter? See your letter on line 3.

We are very happy and warmly welcome you on the blog.

Thway Ni said...

m .. thanks for sharing. I have read that article by Kyal Sin Kyaw before.

Interesting comment.