Letter from the heart of a burmese national

23 November 2007

Translated by graw (BBWOB)
Original Source in burmese

No place for generals

As days go by, the generals' brutality began to shape up. It is not a
gentle picture from the elite. It is like a dog, which defends itself
restlessly when it is locked in the corner. Then a friend of mine
jumped in and said, "Please do not compare with dogs, which will
commit suicide if they hear they are compared with the generals." What
a pathetic life you have, generals! Your lives are inferior to dogs!

Lives of generals, Nothing to envy!

You, generals, can exploit the country's rich resources and spend on
the latest technology to your pleasure. How far you can go free in the
vast land! Do you dare to walk around freely among the civilians whom
you claim to protect! Who in the streets ever welcome you sincerely!
Do you even dare to take steps on the roads of China and ASEAN, whom
you said you are good friends with! You have no place to go freely,
run peacefully, and breathe fresh air. Even if you plan to give up,
there are many generations of your brutal youth waiting to gun you
down. What is left for you to do! You intimate your followers by
killing innocent civilians, lie to the world with your ineffective
diplomatic skill and broken English, and give up Burmese's rich
natural resources and vast soil to your father-figured China. What a
pathetic life you have, generals! According to the Buddha's teaching,
you will suffer from what you have done to the others. It is a form of
Karma for you to live fearfully everyday and take grudge against one
another within your organization.

Suffering Karma by your behaviors

Let’s look at why you are living your life with one eye open at night.

You have spent millions of tax dollars building school in the edge of the capital so that you can destroy the lives of students who always were the forefront of the fight for freedom. While the country’s education is deteriorated, you have been giving out fake master and PHd Diplomas to people. Even your sons and daughters been awarded with fake Phd degree. Even Dr. Than Tun has said that while our universities were lack with facilities, researches and books, professors were busy putting up fences, painting the walls of the lecture halls and also serving as security guards. The country’s education is so bleak that students can’t even write their own Thesis in English. They have to hire and pay someone to do it for them. Principle of the universities was hand picked by you so that they can constantly serve you as the informers. Everyday they have to guard the main gate and pick out students who didn’t wear properly or have a name tag. Your generations hate the educated people so much that you efficiently and effectively eliminated the generation of higher educations for students and make them suffer by not offering quality education.

The slogan “sixth grade educated generals is worse than a wild bull” like a stab in your heart. That’s why you have decided to avenge by not offering quality higher education. Ask yourself, was it successful? Everyone knows that the books that been donated by international community for students has been diverted to your military colleges around the country. Are your sure that your modern day army lives up to your aforementioned standards set by you? How can next generation of Defense personals can have clear minds and thoughts if you don’t offer the truthful news and media of the world? Everyone knows that any military personals whom were caught red-handed reading world news, they been dishonorly discharge from their unit and their pensions have been cut off. Why can’t you even root out the KNU rebels even though your army outnumbered them 10 to 1 ratio. It’s because you don’t have the modern day weaponry and the tactics use by the modern army. Since you can’t defeat the KNU, you turned to your attention to the people of Karen and then slaughtered them. Was this torture method successful? Not only the Karen tribe is still standing but also the other tribes who has withstood your brutality. Why don’t you use the nuclear weapon on its own citizens if you think that it is the only way to get the peace and stability?

Method of madness by Astrology.

Believing everything to what fortune teller and astrologer told to do is like digging your own grave. Are you feeling the moment of sickness when Burmese literary used the slogans that rhyme with a plant name and leader Suu Kyi? Spending millions of dollars on cultivating that plant to avoid the fate of having the leader Suu Kyi must be disastrous for you. Now not only that plants you have cultivated has died, it also serves as pee place for the dogs. Now you have another method of madness, using three sons to divert the disaster. You been shooting yourself in the foot for so many times that is there any flesh and blood left for you to bleed out? You have been feeding the public with lies such as only 2% represents the authentic monks who participated in demonstration. The world and public knew that the streets of Rangoon were flowing with Maroon color during the time of demonstrations. How can you lie like that? The only thing that you have to fear most is the Angels and the Hell’s army because people have been seeing and hearing the thunder and lightning even there is no heavy rain. You should admit that it’s an security breach by your over sight for failing to foresee this demonstration by the monks. No matter how hard you try to suppress the monks by shooting, hitting, detaining and lastly killing, there are still monks left to defend their rights and freedom. Public already knew your fear even though you didn’t admit it. Everyone knows that there are fingerprints left by you and your men for trying to put a wedge between Christian and Buddhist Karen so that you can eliminate the threat of KNU. No matter how hard you try to avert this fate by using any voodoo or fortunetelling, there is no denying that you will never win. Even you tried to bride people by giving the luxurious cars such as Land cruiser and also throwing money at them.

Now you have no where to run since your plan back fire. According to your beloved astrology and fortune telling you have to kill three sons. To kill the three sons, you forgot to take in a count of solider is also the sons of publics. What will you do? Since you are the one responsible for all this actions, I suggest you do as what Astrologer told to do. So, don’t left anything behind. Just finish your job by eliminating soldiers since it’s part of your job now. Now public is standing on the side as spectators for the damages that you have done since Karma will come and haunt you.

Karma suffered by your sons and daughters.

Please excuse the languages that I am going to use. Because of the public outrage that was caused by the generals, I am going to use a very foul language. The daughters of the generals who were wearing those diamond studded necklaces are like hookers wearing diamond necklace. Now the daughters you loved most is the daughter that made you lose your face most. No matter how hard you try to cover up her ugly looking family faces with diamonds and jewels, there is no hiding of her ever swelling tummy that is ripe with pregnancy. Everyone knows that his pregnancy is not by the groom who is agreed to marry your daughter. The child that she’s carrying is the grandkid of the general that you got rid of earlier, General Tin Oo. When your daughter was working in the ministry of Foreign affairs, she’s been following the son of General Tin Oo everywhere he went. Even though he got a wife and family, your daughter didn’t care. Everyone knew about that situation. I can’t believe that you can put this dirt under your rug and pretend like nothing to you. Now the blood of the person that you got rid of earlier is permanently in your family blood line. Talk about having Karma.

Karma given by your father

Now you had been kissing the feet of the Chinese to get your family economy going, which in turns making the China rich rather than the country you are in. You are suffering the Karma because once Socialist leader Nay Win forcefully seized the property of Chinese owned business and declared the state owned. Now in your hands, the Chinese has been treating you like a door mat for their greater prosperity.

Losing war in Media

Even though I used the word battle, you don’t even have a defense to put up this battle. Now you are losing landslide in this war front. Now the whole war has seen your brutality of violently suppressing the monks and people. Your fear of not wanting to lose power has been very unique and original. You can even sentence the long jail terms to the country next generations that is beamed with full of future. You been sentencing them 7 to 52 years prison terms for people who are peacefully participating in the march.

Even you are scared of old people. You wanted to detain their sons and daughter but you can’t catch them. Therefore you used a very cunning method by threatening their families. Since your wives whom were bored playing cards and spreading gossips, they have created a women association to pretend do goods on public. But in the uprising, women from all walks of life have participated courageously. Even though you have weapons, you scared of the unarmed civilians so much that you elected to shoot and kill them. You are the one who is responsible for forcefully separating the women and children. Where is the women association to protect those women in need in time like this? Where are your wives who always asked for women protection? The world knew that they been putting on a show and pretending like nothing is happened.

The country that has strong belief in Buddhism and also the country that believed in donation towards monks had watched in horror when you elected to use bats and bullets towards monks. Not only had the publics, the world also seen the incident where you have used a brutal force towards monks and tore down their robes with arms and bats.

Now because of the shooting by one solider, who didn’t even have boots to wear, toward the Japanese reporter has created a huge back lash for you. Now Japan has cut off all the economics ties that eventually went into your pockets. Your lame excuse for telling the world that the reporter looks similar to Burmese did not bode well because your excuse is the proof of admitting killing its own citizens.

In this media war, your state run three public newspaper and two tv stations can’t even effectively persuade or let alone win the hearts and minds of 60 millions Burmese with their lies. Not only that your lies can’t even put a dent in the world. You are just wasting the money on spreading the lies by using printing press and precious air time. Everyone has internet, a dish network now a days.

Now people understood the meaning of patriotism by looking at your defeat in this media war. No one needs to ask or begged for this. Everyone is doing this news spreading with their own decisions because they knew that it’s their time. Now the news has spread to the world.

You been using the shadow writer’s names to spread your propaganda in state run newspaper because you were too scared to come out and admit your real name. Since public didn’t believe your lies, you have to rob spaces from the private sectors newspaper and has to put those fake news stories in there so that people will read it. Now you need more than one page to spread your lies in this private newspaper. So, you were robbing their business without paying the fair price. Everyone knows that a page worth of full ad means a lot of money in the publishing industry. So what you are doing is robbing the business from public so that you can have your power indefinitely.

Freedom from Karma.

To free from this public shame and humiliation, not to mention karma, first you have to unite all of your arm forces. If you succeeded, then you have to ask for forgiveness from the monks and wash your blood stain hands by offering alms to the monks. After that you have to admit your mistakes to the public and the world courageously.

You have to get rid of the ideas of, what if we lose power and What if we were put in the mercy of public hands, and come forward. You have to open up dialogues with oppositions and ask for forgiveness from public. Ask for truth and reconciliation. If you do that, I am sure public will able to put your mistakes as water under the bridge.

If you don’t do that, then you and your followers will be haunted by the actions and you will not be able to get free from the blood of the monks and publics. Even the once merciful public is sickened and saddens by your cunning actions. There will be new generations who will keep on fighting you and your people no matter how hard it is. This is the consequence that you have to live for the rest of your life. This is the victory for the public because no matter how hard you try public will never give up the hope for democracy in their hearts and minds.

(Written by “Min Thit Ti”)


Unknown said...

Power Shortage in Rangoon
Once upon a time Madalay is Min Nepyitaw (capital) and British time move to RGN, British need most of the Burmese who is rich and got administration skill (Governing) so British create that Madalay got robberies and no security to live so many Burmese came to RGN as British wanted. It is same like that now. Let discuss.

Now Ball Ball Gyi Than Shwe want RGN to live like hell so cut power line then people will get desperate. This is not only power shortage it is opening frontlines that army called offensive. Trying to soften the will of peoples before attacking the whole Burma. He is not going to back down. It is like people want basic need and protested at September for that Than Shwe said I’m not given to you, even now you cannot get electricity. What do you want to do? OK follow me to Pinmana I need human Bomb shelter.
If he needs bomb shelter he is some thing bad to do in his head for sure.

Water supply will cut if needed will poisons or virus in water. (Remember 1988 crises whole city got eye infections by using water supply. Just ask the gems lab doctors in Burma. There is only a few in Burma.
It will follow like legal killing on the streets, legal rapes on the street, robbery on the street by his (Soung Are Shin-Kyaunt Phout) so there will be no securities. People will follow to Pyinmana or live in human hell, so he can get enough people for hostages against to UN security force and all(Aerial bombing). May be he got more on in his CRAZY head. Anyway he got a few problems. Who is going to do the dirty jobs such as killing, robbing, raping, torturing but he got more in his CRAZY head. He found criminal from jail so make negotiate and releasing the criminals ( please see the news. Criminals will not talk because he is following by case officers and guide than when to act and what to act. If caught red handed no problems he is criminals). He supposes to release all political prisoners instead releasing criminals. He think got two goals in one move. He got the more killers (torture masters) and jails are free to put more prisoners. Let bets on who he will arrest?? I bet in near future more of noble monks are on his shopping list(Arresting & killing list). If many arrest come need more room in jails so releasing is for that. (Making new ID and background venting check are on the way). Also opposing, 88 and new generation students are got in that list. So therefore he is preparing for next move( killing field). Now you are seeing no regular power supply. That is the first step. Next will follow first Rangoon and next whole Burma.
I think monks are getting poisoning slowly by army. Put the drugs slowly into monks alms (Sung) that monks take daily. Monks are going to get framing, poisoning, and arrest right now and become heavy within near future.
Please don’t stand still now. Fight back whatever you got pens, bloggers, computers, ideas, money, words, your time, visions, claps hand to monks, protects, pains, in jails, tears, blessing, support, life, news, friends, relatives, etc, etc what ever you can. We are going to build democracy golden pagoda than whole union need to donate whatever you can efforts. One cent will do. One word from a pen will do. One sweat will do. One vision will do. WHAT EVER YOU GOT- FIGHT BACK FOR MONKS.
Please help to the Monks before BBG Than Shwe move in. Not much time left. he is stalling the time and within 3 to 6 months more he will be ready to kill all monks.

Thway Ni said...

m .. thanks for ur comment. I totally agree that Than Shwe will do whatever he can in order to stay in power.

- releasing of criminals onto the streets of Burma

- killing & arresting of monks and innocent citizens, students, and political party members

- destroying Burma bit by bit (your thoughts on forcing people to move to Nay Pyi Taw in order to use them as human shield is very possible)

For many of us, we know that the time has come. It is NOW or NEVER. We are trying out best to send this message to every other burmese also.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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