Green and Red

06 January 2008

By Reggie B
(Sent through email)

Was it yesterday?
The summer of 88
For a brief taste of Freedom
and a glimmering ray of Hope
What a heavy price we paid

Was it yesterday?
December seventy four
In the name of Dignity
We claimed the coffin of Mr Clean
A Deed worth Paying for

I see green and I see red
Oh! Mr. Gambari
Can you hear me!
My brothers are lying dead

To the west, India –
the world’s largest Democracy
Hand and glove with generals
Or is the largest Hypocrisy?

To the east Big Brother, China
Readying for their Olympics
They had Tiannemen Square,
while we had our bitter share
and probably the same Bullets

It happened yesterday
But what about tomorrow?
Will the generals give you another finger?
As we continue our sorrow?

US of A – the world’s greatest Democracy
With not enough oil to make you move
How many more lives do we have to lose?
Are you rather - the greatest Hypocrisy?

I see green and I see red
Oh! Mr. Gambari
Can you hear me!
My brothers are lying dead

Saffron robes soaked in Blood
The world sees yet, another day
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Memories won’t fade away

We want an affirmation
To define our destination
A place with freedom from fear
If not right now or not tomorrow
God willing, maybe….next year

I see green and I see red
Oh! Mr. Gambari
Please hear our calling,
My brothers are lying dead


Orchid said...

Thank you very much for the beautiful poem, which I hope you will not mind if I publish it with Reggie's name in Burma Digest. I love reading your blog, and have put you down as one of my cool blogs links in my website Well done.

Best regards,


ေမာင္သန္ ့။ said...

Thanks to ReggieB & ThwayNi>
I don't know abt poetry! It's ok in poem(poetic lincence)that Dec.74: was U Thant's ! At that time was BSPP & Bo Ne Win! Pardon me for my ignorance of poetry!
But plse accept my honest appreciation!

maymyotha said...

Mr. Clean is leterally U Thant in Burmese and the SLORC was supposed to be a rhyming word at the time. A rectified version is forthcoming.

Thway Ni said...

Dear all,

thanks for the comments. The poem has been updated with feedback from Reggie B.

Orchid said...

Dear Thway Ni,

I would like to ask Reggie if he has recorded "Green and Red" as a song yet, and would he like me to create a music video with the song? I have created a few music videos with the help of my husband, one of them is called "Ten Years" on Youtube and on Google.

Warm regards,

Thway Ni said...

Dear Feraya,

Personally for me, the idea sounds great! I have sent you an email and will also forward ur msg to Reggie.

-Thway Ni-
(BBWOB Team)

Anonymous said...

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