Ushering New Year with Sorrow

01 January 2008

Translated by Thway Ni (BBWOB)
Original poem in Burmese by Ka-Mar-Pa-Leh (Sone-sea-yar blog)

At the work-table,
Splattered with my comrades' blood,
I flipped through old "files".
Some are still luminous,
Some have lost their shine,
Alas, some have even dissolved conveniently into this materialistic world.

Carelessly, I turned the pages of a diary,
That I was afraid to write in, for a long time.
Inside there,
The words depict a bloody chronicle,
Including the life of my mother.

We have not blundered,
The path, chosen with our lives, has not been in vain.
May the movement of 2007,
Upheld by sacrifices of Sangha,
Who is among Three gems of Veneration,
Remain as a symbol of revolutionary touchstone for Burma.

Ka-Mar-Pa-Leh belongs to All Burma Students' Democratic Front (ABSDF).


Dr K K Lay said...

Independence Day !

They all fought for the country
Bo Gyoke Aung San and his army

They were all heroes and that is a fact
When the blood flowed, it was all crimson red.

They all fought for freedom, side by side,
Some of them lived, and so many died.

We mustn't forget them, not one single soul,
We must make sure their story is told.

They fought for freedom across our golden land
They were courageous until the last man stands.

Now it is our turn to pay back, our duty
To fight and reclaim our freedom and democracy

So please raise your hands and be counted in harmony
And let's make a pledge on Independence Day, the 4th of January