Give Nay Phone Latt back

02 February 2008

21 st century is running on its broadband internet line. We find our way out to freedom on this fiber optic line. This is our home away from home, Freedom without freedom.

Burma, our country is going nowhere. Even moving backwards to dead end. Why we should let it happen. We never ! ever !

For so many years, we did try our best with our blood. Whoever against the government, even with a whisper is risking his life.

In every layer of the society - students, lawyers, doctors, artists, farmers and even soldiers themselves are imprisoned just for their faith, their love for freedom, their search for justice.

Now , wicked hands are coming to bloggers. Burmese blogger, Nay Phone Latt, who just disappeared from his way with no clues. He dedicated his time in writings and community works. He simply love his country like everyone else. He might trying his bits of task to figure out Democracy.

Where he is now? Nobody knows except those who took him. What an unfair and terrible situation happening in Burma. Big brothers are everywhere. Nightmare is in everybody. Uncertainty is in every corner.

But we believe that Hope is somewhere very near. We need to pull back our country from this dark hole with the strength of our people.

Where our people have been ?
Give back our people.
Give back our Monks
Give back our Nuns
Give back our lawyers.
Give back our doctors.
Give back our students.
Give back our farmers.
Give back our housewives
Give back our artists.
Give back our poets.
Give back our authors.
Give back our bloggers.
Give Nay Phone Latt Back.


Anonymous said...

Give back our DIGNITY as well

Unknown said...

European Network BLOG 4 BURMA spreads the word !

Yan said...


Free Our Artist!

Free Our Blogger!

Free Nay Phone Latt!