Say NO to the constitution by Myanmar's military junta

24 February 2008

Burmese Bloggers without Borders (BBWOB)Team says NO to the constitution by Myanmar's military junta.

In order to show support for BBWOB's campaig, Pls use the following code to upload in side bar of the blog and spread the message to say NO.

< a href="" target="_blank" >< img src="" / >< /a >


Anonymous said...

What is the difference from voting No to
"No voting" at all...

I have read at few blogs that last time the junta swapped the legal No-s for "their Yes-ses"

By "Saying NO does it mean we are voting NO" or we are to "staying away from the polls".

We need a dummy-proof here and urgently please...

Orchid said...

Hi,Thway Ni,

The link does not seem to be working.

Thway Ni said...

Hi Jeg, Sorry for my late reply. Firstly, by no voting at all, SPDC will have a chance to collect the votes of their own lackeys and just count them as legitimate votes. As the rest did not come to vote, they will be considered as null.

Secondly, for burmese people inside Burma, it is safer for them to at least vote. If they refuse to vote, they may be black-listed by pro-SPDC lackeys.

Just my humble opinions :)

Hi Feraya ..

I have changed the code. Thanks for highlighting.

Anonymous said...

Will 'No' votes even be counted?