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02 October 2007

Today, I felt overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness after I saw these pictures here. I simply could not find words to explicitly describe the brutal acts that the military regime has committed. When I met with fellow bloggers online, the atmosphere was thick with sorrow, frustration and helplessness. Here we are, sitting at a desk, in front of a computer, relaying all the news updates to the world and yet, we cannot do anything to cease those atrocities. News that we are posting on our blogs and message boards may appear as just news to the outside world. However, for us, those news are made up of heart-wrenching words.

My fellow Burmese people, who are dying, are just ordinary citizens who have absolutely no knowledge in weapons and warfare. So far, I have heard confirmed reports that they are gathering whatever they can get their hands on to defend themselves against the soldiers. But who can go against an army with fully loaded guns?

Some people say that the struggle must come from within, and sacrifices must be made for the greater good. I totally agree. However, I am still hopeful for a slim chance to avoid all these bloodshed. It also means that we, the people from outside, must do all we can to alleviate further sufferings of innocent people.

Recently, I have been following a few interviews with political academic. In particular, two interviews with someone stood out in my mind. I watched both of his interviews on Channel News Asia (Singapore TV station) and I was completely baffled by his views.

In his first interview, he seemed to indicate a special concern over seeing different ages of monks in current protests. What he failed to understand was that, in Burma, monks are highly revered regardless of how old the monks may be. Moreover, there is very little political agenda in the demands from the monks. Though the monks have made demands for the release of political prisoners, and a dialogue for national reconciliation, they have always emphasised on improving the well-beings of the people. And they have been asking for those through peaceful protests.

In his second interview, he mentioned that in Philippine, even after there was a change in government, there was not much improvement. My question to him will be: Does it mean we should never try to change? Is every movement that tries to change, destined for failure?

Of course, I must admit that I never studied political science. Neither do I have the authority in terms of qualifications to analyse from any political point of view. However, I feel pretty concerned to see that political analyst like him, seemed to be speaking without actually finding out the situation on the ground. In every field, we all know that the best analysis is made when you combine theory and reality together.

So, my sincere request to everyone who will be carrying out political analysis on Burma's situation is that, please talk to the people who have gone through it. Many a times, words fail to express the real scenarios in full picture.

As a blogger, having only words on my hand, I honestly feel rather useless at this moment. But I must never give up. Whatever I can give, I will give. I must continue for the sake of Burma's freedom.


Unknown said...

Thank you for your emotional and insightful posting. I am a Canadian who lived in Burma (Chin State) for several months during 2006-07. I am continuing to research local governance and conflict in Burma as part of my PhD. Needless to say, my love affair with your country is only just beginning.
The past couple of weeks have been very difficult for me, but obviously this pales in comparison to how you and your brothers and sisters in Burma are feeling. People all over the world are acting and thinking in solidarity with the Burmese, but I still feel this is not enough. We need to have more voices individually but also a louder combined voice that the UN and powerful governments cannot ignore.
I am happy to have found your blog. I look forward to following more of your entries.
I also have a blog: I started it while living in Mindat and have updated it only occasionally.
Please take care and keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Blessings and Love to the people of Burma from the UK. Our hearts are weeping with you. All I can do is write letters to governments, sign petitions, demonstrate support and send All my Love. It doesnt seem like enough right now as we all want to do so much more to help, maybe all of us from around the world should fly to burma and form the world peace army and just sit down in peaceful protest, 20 million foreign nationals from around the world would be amazing. Anyway, I really just wanted to say... please know that you are in the thoughts, prayres and hearts of many, many thousands of people thro the world.
Bless You All.
donna xx

Anonymous said...

Thway Ni,
although it is very sad, there is no way back now... 1000s have paid with their lives, we must honor them by standing up... My heart goes to you and all at Burma, God bless us all.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

A message from Ajahn Sumedho

I am making a statement of support and sympathy for the heroic efforts of the Buddhist Monks, Nuns, Students, and all the Burmese Laypeople who are peacefully protesting against the injustice and oppression of the present government of Myanmar.

It is very confusing and distressing to witness a government which claims to respect the Buddhist religion react to a peaceful protest in such a violent and brutal way. I have always held the Sangha in Burma with great respect. I ask the present government to listen to the Sangha and to seek a way of reconciliation in accord with the Dhamma which will be for the welfare and happiness of all.

I send all my blessings to the peaceful protesters and my compassion to the Government of Myanmar which has strayed so far from the wisdom and compassion of the Lord Buddha.

yours in Dhamma

Venerable Ajahn Sumedho

29th September, 2007
Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
Hemel Hempstead, UK

tania said...

My heart and my prayers are offered up for all the Burmese people at this time.
I was working up until a short while ago on the Burmese border. I worked alongside people that had fled the regime in Burma, and heard first-hand of the many atrocities and abuse of human rights that have occurred and are still occuring there.
It must have taken so much courage for the Monks, Nuns, and people of Burma to take to the streets in protest, and I implore people around the world to sit up, and to open their eyes and ears to this cry for help.
At this time I am feeling so helpless, when all I want to do is help:

I pray for peaceful change in Burma,
I pray for all my brothers and sisters in Burma,
I pray for all the people who trying to work for the good of mankind,
I also pray that all those in positions of 'power' both inside and outside of Burma, look deep into their hearts.
I send you my love and compassion.
I bless you all.
Tania xx

stephen geller said...

I ask the Light to bring healing and forgiveness and strength and compassion to Myanmar;

I ask the Light to make the law of karma shine upon the government, soldiers and police of Myanmar, so much so that they will remove their garments and put on the saffron robe, begging for forgiveness;

I ask the Light to shine upon a world of fear, terror, torture, uncertainty, ignorance and horror, transforming the world into grace, compassion, honor and lovingkindness.

May my words and thoughts, and the words and thoughts of all who read this, be a channel for the Light to flow freely and endlessly to Myanmar and from there to all places where darkness holds court, and truth hides deeply in frightened hearts.

Unknown said...

Keep up your good work, i hav e been waiting since 1962 for change, i'm still hoping while the junta is still hoodwinking innocent peoples. Do we have to wait for another 20years? Seems like the junta is UN licensed terrorist. It's time the world wakes up. It's time we must revaluate UN's role.......

Moderator said...

Tears fall on my keyboard while i'm bringing news about the uprising in Burma.I see the horror on my screen. I'm posting every day in the hope the world will read whats going on in Burma.
The normal media in the Netherlands brings the ordinary news. I read nothing of the news about what's happening at the moment in Burma. I don't understand why they keep silent to.
the people in Burma need help from the west,lets give it to them.
Lets stay on top of the news in Burma. Open a Blog and join the community to let the world know what's going on.
Pray and meditate for those in prison and those who died for freedom !
Roland (dutch Buddist)

Matt said...

I'm appalled at the level of inactivity from our supposedly United Nations. Our inability to support aspiring democratic or civilised societies in their hour of need continues to shame the majority of the western world. Politics needs to be waded through and turned into postivie constructive action. I fail to see how we can justify invaiding countries such as Iraq on the grounds of required "regime changes" but cannot make the same justifications in terms of taking action in Burma, Zimbabwe and other countries where the majority are suffering at the hands of the mindless minority. If Russia and China want to block meaningful action then isolate them - they have their own issues around civil rights abuse & freedom of the press that need to be addressed.

My thoughts are with all those that are suffering at this difficult time.

God bless.

Tâm Tình Tuỗi Trẻ said...

Hi Burmese Bloggers without Borders,

Our group which is a group of young Vietnamese bloggers, have made a video, calling for people to join in to help Burman and other South East Asian countries. I hope you would agree to post this video on your blog. I think it's important that the world are aware of our situation.


Alan said...

I join with my family and friends here in Sydney to send all those struggling for peace and democracy in Burma our love and admiration for your strength. We know you will overcome the terror eventually. Here we have sent messages to everyone we can think of at the UN and our own Australian government asking for more support to be given to you. Over these days we carry you all in our hearts.

Unknown said...

I spend my life working with words, but I can't find the right ones to express myself on this. I am afraid for the monks, the nuns, the protesters and for those incredibly brave people who managed to get the news from Burma out to the international media. Many of you have fallen silent now and I worry that you have been found; I worry that you have been hurt. Wherever you are, if you are hiding or if you only come to check this message one day in the future, know that the risk you took to tell the world about the situation in Burma has been honoured. We're watching, we're listening and we're trying to help. Much love and wishes for strength to you all.

Thway Ni said...

Dear all,

thanks so much for your support for Burma.

We feel very much encouraged to know that we are not alone in our struggle.

-Thway Ni-
(Burmese Bloggers w/o Borders)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...