Should or Could? The World's Immediate Actions!

01 October 2007

" Should the world take immediate actions to stop ruling military
juntas in Myanmar from killing demonstrators?" I am really surprised with this question.

This is a good Quiz.Unfortunately, now is not the time to ask our people to answer such quiz, but the time to ask the world themselves if their eyes really open to see the dead bodies in the Myanmar streets during the juntas' recent violent crackdown on peaceful protests.

The UN Envoy Gambari is now in Myanmar and we, Myanmars, expect him much. Military juntas brought him to the fake pro-government rallies and keep him away from the true voice of our people. This is neither Hollywood studio nor the show time. How such urgent United Nations mission could bring Myanmar's ruling generals and their many foes to the peace table?

Can the ASEAN still close their eyes and keep their mouth sealed with a silly reason of internal affair only?

What causes keep China to stand on the military junta's side by rejecting all potential actions from the UN Security Council to solve the Myanmar affairs? What about our silent neighbor, the world largest democratic country, India?

We do not need international concerns or statements which will be ended only with the sympathetic words. We need actions. Effective actions, please! So, let me amend the question,

"Can the world and the UN take immediate actions to stop
brutal juntas from killing monks and peaceful protestors in Myanmar?"

(A comment sent to CNN)


Athena Smith said...

I have more than 150 students this semester. I will see how many signatures I can collect to forward a letter to the prime minister.

Unknown said...

i m just wondering where those marchers have gone from burma's road. Hello burmese! wake up...if u want democracy then dont leave the streets for the fear of bullets of ur army. If u want democracy then u have to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of life. You wont get democracy by shouting and marching on the streets of New Delhi, New York, London etc or by criticising China and India for not doing enough. In first case military junta is not occupying army. They are the product of Burma only. How come u people had let ur army became stronger then ur country itself?
Grow up buddies....Die, shed ur lives, let ur blood flow in the streets of burma...then only u will get democracy.

Nick said...

Anyone reading this from the UK can sign a Downing Street petition at:

And see:

For more info.

Nedslag said...

Hi we would like to show our support from sweden and tell you that this letter was sent to UN and EU our Government on friday

We are many of us that are blogging in sedish right now about the situation an you can see the letter here or here feel free to use the photo of the flower.

OM Mani padme Hum
With deepest compassion for your peoples struggle for democracy.
Tindra Annette Broström sweden

To whom it may concern

To all of you, who were pleading for democracy in Myanmar/ Burma.

We are many in the Swedish blogosphere that would like to manifest our support for you and your peoples work towards democracy.

We are all aware of the mediareports regarding the situation in Myanmar /Burma. And the situation is escalating.

In an effort to be able to prevent and reduce the dangers of more deadly violence, we are urging you to consider what other precausions can be made. Not only from a Swedish prespective, but also from EU and United Nations, UN.

Our urgent request is that the UN and EU delegats and the Security Council strongly condem the violent acts that are taking place in Myanmar / Burma. Out of compassion we bloggers from Sweden recomend the Myanmar /Burmes Military leaders to revaluate the violence. And we Swedish bloggers hope that the Military Governance without hesitation immidiatley will open for peaceful and a reparable dialouge. And in co-operation with its own Citizens

Our expectation is also that EU and UN are able to send diplomatic or human rights representatives as the sorrounding worlds objektive witnesses in Myanmar/ Burma. Such actions we hope will indicate the democratic worlds opposition against agressive and fatal violence, that might lead to consequenses beyond imagination.

The rapid hostile development within Myanmar/ Burma demands careful and firm attention but de-escalating and human actions.

Tears of Buddha

A single voice, its echo meets two slumbering voices.
Three strong voices cries loudly, and awakes other sleeping tones of voices.
Cooperating human whispers, will eventually become a roar
A howl that silences the hunger of power and the proclaiming of war
© text Marcus Margareth Osju Arverud. translation Tindra-Anette/tindra66 sweden

Keith said...

One would wonder if this is the right question to ask in today environment in Burma.

I don't think 'Myanmar' is the right title and acknowledgement the world should acknowledge. "Burma" is the right rightful name, and the world should acknowledge. We have to be more powerful in the use of our words to bring down these brutal juntas. This history goes back a long way since 1963 where General Ne Win order to kill some 500 or so university students. The student names were carved in the Rangoon University Student Hall.
The then junta demolished the University students building.

The UN Envoy Gambari has only established them and has not done any decisions on Burma, and to release Aung San Sui Gyi from house arrest.

We have to voice our true meaning to the UN Security Council. The Human Rights Commission to give more meaningful action on to the brutal juntas for Killing the Monks, and during curfew attacking the monks at their monasteries, this is not justice, using unlawful entry whilst on curfew.

The world must take immediate action to stop this brutal junta from getting away what they are doing killing people.