UN Actions on Burma Should be Re-examined

03 October 2007

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October 2, 2007

Press Release
U.N. Actions on Burma Should be Re-examined

People of Burma have constantly been hoping that United Nations would rescue them from the country ruled by the worst regime in the world. Many people have dropped their hopes only because the world body proved that it is unable to do anything concretely to intervene in order to save them from recent and current killings by the brutal regime in Burma.

In the midst of the recent killings, the U.N. sends a special envoy Mr. Ibrahim Gambari to Burma to ease the situation there. However, the top generals are still playing games with the top U.N. official, who once said after his first visit to Burma that the regime was ready to “turn a new page”. While Mr. Gambari is running up and down in the country to reconcile the nation, the generals are continuing to kill more monks, young students and ordinary citizens, according Burmese media.

The question is “Can the U.N. do anything to save those peaceful people?”

On September 29, Burma Point received a report that the U.N. office in Rangoon is useless. We have also receieved similar reports in the past about the office led by Mr. Charles Petrie, the U.N. country coordinator.

The particular report says that people tried calling the hot line numbers provided by the U.N. office on the night of September 28, when they heard that soldiers were approaching monasteries to make arrests. But a male employee at the office replied to one of the callers saying he would put it in record and he would also inform the U.N. When others made calls, an official responded that the office “could not do anything to help”.

It is obvious the fact that monks and people are being killed and dissapearing according to our sources. As a matter of fact, even food donors to protesters and onlookers are now being arrested and perhaps tortured. Some have been sent to infamous Insein jail without any legal charges by the authority. Now, the rest of the many peaceful monks have been forced to take off their robes. Many teachers and their students, who are in their teens, were ordered to kneel down and slapped by soldiers because they were somehow involved in the movement, said a woman. Thus, we strongly condemn the act of the regime that calls themselves State Peace and Development Council (SPDC).

Myint Soe, a former Central Working Committee member of the National League for Democracy party, which is led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, said that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Rangoon is corrupted. Much of the planned development programmes are incomplete.

“Projects staffs and participants who are going to attend the workshops or trainings had to take recommendation letter from police station and even Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) about whether he or she has not involved in any criminal cases and political activities”, Myint Soe, Secretary of National League for Democracy – Liberated Area, explained.

USDA and police in Burma are, today, the real criminals that have killed hundreds of peaceful monks and people. Should our people continue to get recommendation letters from these departments?

We are very sadden and disappointed the fact that the U.N. continues to stay silent on the corruptions that exist between its officials and the ruling regime.

We, again, request that the U.N., the world leading organization, to protect and stand by its principles stated in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights by raising the loudest voice and taking concrete actions to prevent further killings and tortures by the ruling SPDC.

Contact: Moe Chan – 646-643-8689, 718-396-1464



Unknown said...

Remember the victims! Pls add this to your websites:

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MgYin said...


I think, we shouldn't blame UN any longer anymore. And we should no longer disillusion about somebody would come and rescue from those brutal mindless creatures.

Now today onwards, whatever moves or strategy we draw and plan and act, it must be base on our capacity and we all must prepare for all resort to achieve what we want to achieve.

With all concern,

Anonymous said...

Mr Gambari has not reported yet he is still in transit to NY.

This Report should be sent directly to the UN to the Human Rights Council in NY. with links to the blogs (Ko's) where the best photos are posted and mentioning the last video of CNN...

The meeting Between the Secretary-General(UN) and Mr Gambari will happen on Friday 5th Oct'07.
The email should reach the Secretary-General (Mr Gambari's boss) by then...

Worldcitizen said...

How do you expect the UN to help when it is the UN system which has brought about the situation. The UN, by it's 'veto' supports dictatorships as you can all see. China and Russia can prop up Tan Shwe forever under the current UN system and no-one can do anything about it. The UN is itself the cause of all these problems and can never hope to solve them. You need a world body with a world court and a world police force to be able to take care of the Burma's of this world but we don't have an intervention force so murderers and war criminals are free to do their dirty work. Until we get a real world order based on justice and human rights and ENFORCEABLE then the Tan Shwe's & Chinas of this world will just toy with us and get away with mass murder, mass oppression using 'national sovereignty' as an umbrella.

CATRACA-PG said...

O artigo 4º da nossa carta magna, afirma que a República Federativa do Brasil rege-se nas suas relações internacionais, pela prevalência do respeito aos direitos humanos.

Só uma situação pode explicar a posição da diplomacia Brasileira em relação ao que hoje ocorre na antiga Birmâmia, atualmente conhecida como Mianmar.

Essa situação é a crescente influência da china, com seus penduricalhos de qualidade paraguaia, sobre os governantes brasileiros.

Para esses em Mianmar existe uma boa ditadura e essa ditadura pode continuar a gerir os destinos daquele País, através do diálogo entre as partes.


Como seria esse diálogo companheiros?

Os monges budistas e o povo de Mianmar, sabem como é esse diálogo, tanto quanto a nossa população refém da marginalia política e criminal, com seu poder de fogo apontado para o peito do cidadão brasileiro.

O assento no Conselho de Segurança da ONU, pretendido pelo governo brasileiro, quando conseguido, e com o apoio Chinês, estará manchado com o sangue de um povo que quer, como nós o fizemos um dia, livrar-se de uma ditadura violenta que massacra os habitantes de Mianmar.

E manchado também pelo silêncio daqueles que por aqui, num passado não muito distante, eram contra todas as formas de ditadura. Mas que hoje porém, delas se aproximam e fazem bons negócios em benefício próprio.

Tanto quanto um celeiro de craques, usando uma metáfora futebolística, da qual tanto gosta o presidente "Deste" Páis, o Brasil é um celeiro de revolucionários bem-sucedidos socialmente cujo único legado para a posteridade será a sua rápida adaptação ao sistema que tanto combateram.

Dos iguais braços dados ou não, estamos caindo no esquecimento da canção. Mas eu a dedico aos Monges e Mianmarenses que acreditam nas flores vencendo o canhão.

Apenas desejo, neste meu desencanto inspirado em Vandré, aos Monges e mianmarenses, que derrotado o canhão, eles não sejam submetidos a moral dos mensaleiros, como nós fomos um dia, quando os revolucionários companheiros conquistaram o poder pelo voto e dessa moral não conseguimos mais nos ver livres.