07 October 2007

October 7, 2007

His Excellency Hu Jintao
The President of the People's Republic of China

Your Excellency

We the Joint Action Committee for Democracy in Burma, formed with the
concerned Burmese citizens residing Thailand who are totally against
unlawful and brutal ruling of the SPDC government of Burma (Myanmar),
would like to demand the government of China not to interfere our
nation's internal affairs by providing various forms of assistance
including selling arms and ammunition, doing business with the regime,
providing diplomatic support by using veto to protect the regime from
United Nations Security Council's action.

We have already aware that China has substantial economic interests in
the country, provides large amounts of economic aid, and invests
heavily in infrastructure projects there. Additionally, your
government provides extensive logistical support to Burma's military
government. The Burmese junta depends on Chinese investment, imports
and armaments. All this make China uniquely placed to influence the
Burmese regime. What is happening on the streets of Rangoon will shape
not just the fate of the people of Burma, but the future of China's
relationship with the world.

We have also noted that China's Permanent Representative to the United
Nations Wang Guangya stated in recent UNSC meeting on Burma that the
current situation in Myanmar does not pose any threat to international
or regional peace and security. However, we would like to reveal the
reality that only in Thailand we have over 2 millions of migrants,
among whom are refugees and Internally Displaced Persons who have to
leave their homeland because of the brutal suppression of SPDC regime.
We also hope that many more influx of refugees will be here soon
following the recent brutal crackdown of the peaceful protest of the
people. This mass exodus does impact the peace and security of
neighboring Thailand.

Your government always justifies that the problems in Burma are mere
internal affairs and international intervention will destroy peace,
stability and unity of our country. Nevertheless, the genuine desire
of the people of Burma is to invite the international community to
involve as a 'mediators' in our democratizing process. If your
government honestly believe in non intervention of our internal
affairs, please don't associate with neither SPDC nor any other
parties whatsoever. And please abstain from voting at the United
Nations Security Council meetings. Because we the people of Burma
believe that involving in our country's politics without our consents
is the intervening our internal affairs.

We honestly believe that you will take our advice and reconsider your
government's policy on Burma

Yours Sincerely,

Joint Action Committee for Democracy in Burma


Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, Thway Ni. Please feel free to read and comment on anything I have written.

Worldcitizen said...

Don't wait for UN. Note that they can't even agree in which language to speak with the Chinese speaking Chinese and the Russian speaking Russian. If they cannot speak even in the same language to each other in the UNSC then forget about a united stance on Burmaother than make-up, cover-up and lip service to appease the outside world until it is forgotten which is now.

Biggest western question is why 5lek army stand by and do nothing for Burmese people. Are all 5 lek anti-Burmese? Are all 5 lek madly in love with Hitlers of Asia? Seems so because without army backing your country's rooted forever.