Hope is a floating corpse

10 May 2008

By Ko Hmway

Rotten dead bodies are floating under the sun, ears and hands of some dead bodies were cut off and still lying on the wet ground and no one is going to cerement or bury those. I wonder, their souls, weak and helpless in uncertainty, might be wondering in search of God.

At this very moment, hundreds of thousands of people with empty-stomachs are suffering from fever, diarrhea and various diseases and for those ill-fated fellow countrymen of mine, who once had human dignity, they have been reduced to the states of having no proper place to sleep, having no food to eat and having no hope to pray, but having just a roof called saddening sky hovers above them.

This is not the brilliant production of Hollywood producers. This is not the animal planet Cable TV channel. This is not actually good-to-be true reality TV show.
Indeed, this is really happening in my country.

Without warning, the victims have died helplessly in their sleep while some families were awake and were able to tie their hands together with a rope ensuring themselves that if we must die we will die together before killer typhoon swallowed and blew them away and left their dead bodies shamefully and inhumanely by the curse of demon.
tie their hands together with a rope ensuring themselves

Though international aid groups are humanely seeking to rescue, feed and cure those helpless victims, there has been no plausible progress and the victims have become new victims of another man-made disaster.

What is humane society?What is the meaning of civilized mankind?I doubt there is such things existing for the people of Burma.Burmese people have been ill-treated by military regimes since 1962 and are still suffering badly and will continue this painful reality unless the divine intervention emerges out vigorously for them to escape out from this madness.

Meanwhile, international aid groups have been banned and harassed viciously by Burmese military and members of USDA. In most places, the donations have been seized and taken forcefully by Military and USDA for their own selfish gains of enjoying a good meal using international aid packages.

Other Burmese are also trying to help victims. In Rangoon division, a group of donors have been forced to leave their donation at one local USDA office.
The ration of donations is 200, 00 kyat and a basket of rice for each victim family.
But USDA only distributed 150, 00 kyat and half basket of rice to the victims and the rest have been pocketed and for the USDA members and Army officers, this method is latest get-rich-quick scheme on top of the rotten innocent corpses.

Similar incidents are happening everywhere in Rangoon division, still there is no hopeful news from Irrawaddy region. While, SPDC is kicking out and turning down all well-equipped skillful aid workers and US Navy, they are still insisting that they will only accept money, supplies and foods only.

On the other hand , the ugliest and shameless attempt by the military regime is that all relief packages arriving at Rangoon airport were stamped with the stickers stating: “ "The donation of lieutenant general Myint Swe”". What a shame?Cleary, I remember two particular movies from Hollywood called the planet of the apes and the Independence Day.

In the planet of apes, human are enslaved, tortured, humiliated by apes, in the case of Burmese people human are degraded, tortured, killed and neglected by hyenas and other human being around the world including leaders of the great countries and the leaders of United Nations. All those big powers in the world seem rather powerless in this case and is only able to comment, appeal and say sorry but nothing else and no action have been effectively taken by them for God sake.

On the other hand, in the Independence Day movie, mankind is being attacked and planet earth is badly invaded by alien assault-aircrafts.

In the end, led by veteran president of the United States himself defended for the mankind and the whole world followed his step and won other powerful aliens and the planet earth is saved.

Sadly, even the fate of the Burmese people is still worsening day after day and there is no one with the victory of cigar to save Burmese from this madness.



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