International Campaign for Food and Freedoms of Burmese People

30 May 2008

Burmese democratic forces and friends of Burma around the world, calling for an immediate international intervention for food and freedoms in Burma

May 29, 2008

Burmese democratic organizations – along with Burma campaign groups – around the world are calling for an immediate international intervention in Burma, reminding the international community that this is the time to bring a change in the military-ruled country.

And they call for formation of a “coalition of the willing” among like-minded counties such as U.S., U.K., French, Canada, and Australia, in order to advance a collective interest in ensuring safe and unhindered humanitarian access, as well as for promotion and protection of fundamental rights and freedoms for Burmese people.

They strongly criticize the United Nations and Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) for their repeated failure to live up to the international community’s expectation in providing food and freedoms for Burmese people, and for falling into trap the Burmese military junta set.

Burmese have suffered again and again under repeated ASEAN and UN's good intentioned but ill fated mediations. ASEAN and UN are simply no match for cunning and cruel Burmese generals who think nothing of breaking their promises. In the past, the end result of the ASEAN and UN failures were only imprisonments of thousands of political activists including our leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Some of those prisoners died in custody. However, the number of deaths from the current crisis will be a thousand times larger than previous crises.

Five days after an apparent agreement by the Supremo General Than Shwe, there is no concrete result on the ground. There are even more restrictions for Burmese donors let alone foreign donors. Even Burmese ex-pat physicians who are planning mercy medical missions using their own resources are subjected to a lengthy visa process.

The regime is using police and armed forces not to help those cyclone victims but to force them back to their villages without any assistance. We know how the regime is going to play the game. There will be more meetings and open up a bit each time just to string along the UN.

More people are dying everyday. This is time for ASEAN and UN to admit its failure and let French, EU, US navy and international aid agencies handle the situation. At this time, the junta has extended the house arrest of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi illegally after they exhausted the five year period. They have not shown any goodwill towards their own suffering citizens, political prisoners or the world community. There is no reason to believe that the junta will start to change as a result of more negotiation. Concrete effective action, whose time is way overdue, is the only recourse left.

We demand that UN and ASEAN stop the mediation NOW.

All the current available information from the international experts indicates that thousands of the cyclone victims are facing the second wave of death due to the outbreak of diseases. UN and ASEAN have clearly demonstrated the world that they were unable to persuade the Burmese military regime to save the lives of cyclone victims. As such, we request the Nations of the International Community willing to act upon the principle of “Responsibility to Protect (R2P)," to proceed with their noble intention to save the thousands of lives before it is too late.


Dr. Cynthia Maung (Burma Medical Association) Thailand
Tel: 66-55-544495

Dr Khin Saw Win (Alice) (Burma Medical Association) Canada
Tel: 780-4924547/780-9529877

Tin Maung Htoo (Canada)
Canadian Friends of Burma
Tel: 613-237-8056

Dr. Raymond Tint Way (Australia)
Concerned Burmese Physicians and Professionals
Mobile 61 0416220208
E mail

Dr Ko K Lay (UK)
Concerned Burmese Physicians and Professionals
Tel: 00 44 07790 427271

Dr. Soe Naung (Jamaica)
Concerned Burmese Physicians and Professionals
Tel: 876-995-2875

Dr. Aye Min (USA)
Concerned Burmese Physicians and Professionals
Tel: 804-512-4669

Moe Thee Zun (USA)
Democratic Federation of Burma

Ar Kar Soe (USA)
Anti-Dictatorship People’s Freedom Movement Tel: 301-213-0605

Yin Aye (USA)
Democratic Burmese Students Organization (USA) Tel: 301-905-7591

Tin Maung Thaw (General Secretary) (USA)
Committee for Restoration of Democracy in Burma

Min Yan Naing (Burma)
Generation Wave

Ko Ko Aung (Japan)
Democratic Federation of Burma (Japan)
Tel: +81-9015062893

Kyaw Kyaw Soe (Japan)
League for Democracy in Burma (Japan)
Tel: +81-9060314394

Khin Sandi (USA)
Women on the Move for Burma
Tel: 917 445 9222

Ko Thant Zin Myint (USA)
International Campaign for Burma (New York)
Tel: 347-229-4309

Ko Myo (USA)
88 Generation Students (Exile)
Tel: 347-668-5046

Aung Sa
Oversea Burmese Patriots (Singapore) Tel: +65-9487-4413

Taw Thar Gyi (Burma)
Democratic Front of the Patriots (HQ)

Shwe Htee (USA)
Nonviolent Empowerment Organization Tel: 571-235-4035

Dr. Thi Ha (USA)
Burmese Democracy Forum (Fort Wayne - Indiana)
Tel: 260-602-1876
Dong Khup (USA)
Chin Freedom Coalition
Tel: 443-629-3329

Athein & Zaw Min Htwe (88 Generation) (USA)
Walk for Freedom
Tel: 971 285 7399

Aung Nyaw Oo (Canada)
Burmese Students Democratic Organization
Tel: 416-262-5447

Thway Ni
Burmese Bloggers without Borders (

Aung Tin (Canada)
Chairman (NLD-LA Canada)
Tel: 647 343 7871

Yin Htway (Thailand)
Joint Secretary
Burma Political Prisoner's Union (
Tel: 0845755416

Guiding Star (Burma)

Ko Myat Soe (USA)
Justice for Human Rights in Burma ( ) Tel: 260-615-0575

U Than Aung (Canada)
Burma Watch International
Tel: (780) 439-7555
Cell:(780) 953-9877

Dr. Win Naing (UK)
Burmese Democratic Community
Tel: 0208 2067340


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