Translated News for the day - 10 May

10 May 2008

(Translated by May - BBWOB)

Updated Figures - 10 May
Source: Mizzima News

Death toll released by an international agency:
Meanwhile, junta gave much lower estimates:


Source: Democratic Voice of Burma

Pyi Khaing Kyun and Kyaik Ka Thaung, situated two to three hours' boat ride from Haing Gyi, were also badly affected by Cyclone Nargis, according to a resident from Pyi Khaing Kyun. Kyaik Ka Thaung alone was estimated to have a death toll of about 4000. She told DVB that the cyclone victims were in dire stratis and that no aid has been received so far in these areas.

In an interview with DVB, the source said:
"The situation is terrible. I heard that the death toll is very high, especially in Laputta. In the coastal areas, there are salt farms. Each employs about 1000 people. Out of that 1000, 800 plus perished. Entire families have been wiped out."

"The coastal villages were engulfed by the sea. So the survivors have come into town. The town itself is largely unharmed. But the shop owners have not dared to open their cafes as their business will collapse in one morning since they have no paying patrons."

"Apparently, they received rice for lunch. But in the evening, they were only given porridge (as supplies ran low). But it wasn't enough to fill their stomachs, so I heard they were scavenging for coconuts and mangoes."

"Haing Gyi is about 3 hours away on boat. But we can see them from here. I know for a fact that a navy battalion is stationed there. There must be about 2000 to 3000 houses."

"I also heard that there were corpses floating in the water, with many of them entangled in the undergrowth. People told me the smell is foul. In Kyaik Ka Thaung, there has been an outbreak of diahhorea."

"In one place, the whole village was submerged under water. In another village, the entire population was wiped out save for 3 people. I don't know which one... there are so many little villages here."

"Never in my life, has there been a disaster like this. We had never had a problem with floods, but now, the water level is waist high."

"Some people who came back from Laputta told me that those people seem to be very traumatised by what has happened. They look dazed, and scream if someone touches them."

"They are not only homeless, but they have nothing to eat. Some are taking shelter under trees, without adequate clothing or even footwear."

DVB: Has no rescue teams reached the area?"

"Not to Pyi Khaing. Maybe they are already in Haing Gyi. Maybe they don't know about this area as we are rather remote. Perhaps they will come tomorrow."

"There has been some help (for the victims). This morning, one lady gave out packets of instant noodles. In Kyaik Ka Thaung, I heard that rice was being distributed. Kyaik Ka Thaung is a big village, about 2 hours away. I heard that 4000 people perished."

For the original article in Burmese, please click here.


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