The Resurrection of Myanmar Yellow Blood Revolution

27 October 2007

By Aung Way (11-10-07)
Well-known Myanmar Poet
(From a bomb-shelter)

We, the Mass's Alliance for Democracy, try to resuscitate the idea for our “saffron solidarity – yellow blood” revolution 2007.

We will bring our pro-democracy movement in three ways. Those are following:

(1) Military way (way of mutiny)
(2) Diplomatic way (way of diplomacy)
(3) Propaganda way (way of counter-art)

(1) Military way (way of mutiny)

We want friendship between our army and our protesters.
We must know the soldiers. We must organize the soldiers. We must urge them to save the people and sanghas and students.

We understand that next “third and last” revolution is going to be led by the soldiers who love their country and their army. They will be revolutionary forces for democracy soon.
In our history, it'll be soldiers-led, 2007 (or) 2008 … and previous were students-led, 1988 and sanghas-led, 2007.

We hope there will be “three Ss” combination – soldiers, sanghas and students. “Three Ss” means, in myanmar language, “thar thone thar” (three kinds of son)

1. Kyaung thar – son of school = student
2. Phayar thar – son of Buddha = sangha
3. Sit thar (Tatmadaw thar) = soldier

We hope, in Myanmar army, a mutiny will be followed soon.

(2) Diplomatic way (way of diplomacy)

Why is the voice of Indian democracy silent about momentous struggle for liberty and rights in Myanmar? And also, why is the voice of Russians and Chinese?

We recognize, in China, Russia and India, their governments are different from their people.Those three governments are usual supporters of Myanmar military regime. Myanmar generals are backed by those three foreign governments. But those people of those countries are opposite of their governments.

We try, diplomatically, those people, to condemn their own governments, supporting for Myanmar government and persuade to halt it urgently.

(3) Propaganda way (way of counter-art)

We use some methods of – “Psycu-war to Psych-war”. (Psychological warfare)
We must criticize all their writings in the government mouth-piece newspapers.
We should requite all their policy media work and pro-junta art.
We will attack the enemy propaganda.
We drive them into trouble mud.
Their propaganda campaign in crisis must be broken down.

And then, most important thing we face is just to do record exactly and write down detail the lists (names and bio-datas) of Union Solidarity and Development Association's members and its villains those who, together with military bulldogs and security polices, cracked down on the pro-democracy protesters during August-September 2007 movement.

We believe, the revolutionary art which we use to counter-attack the regime is totally devastating counter-art.

Let freedom flows in the Irrawaddy River violently.


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